Dealing With Job Search Pressure

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This article will focus on people’s reactions to anxiety. Especially when you effectively solve job search pressure, the anxiety of job search pressure and how to deal with this pressure and job search results.

The traditional notion of personal response to stress usually revolves around two patterns of behavior: type A personality, consuming anxiety in stress situations, often becoming irritated and unreasonable; and type B personality, unaffected, and continuing to function as usual .

However, among psychologists, a third personality emerged: C-type characters truly blossom under pressure, transforming their best work into a stressful environment. The huge difference between type C and type A and type B seems to be the ability to participate in tasks without creating their own self-process.

Clearly, Type A personality unconsciously links self-esteem to success in the workplace and career areas. When there is a pressure on the performance of these people, they think it is a threat to their self-image, the way they think of the value of themselves and their friends and loved ones, and therefore they respond from a fear and panic . .

Type B personality has managed not to associate his self-image with his work, but this approach makes it at least emotionally related to work and career. Although Type B personality does not affect the fanaticism that affects Type A, she does not have the incentive to surrender if the job search requires additional commitment.

On the other hand, category C personality seems to be able to take advantage of the time and effort required to achieve job (job in pattaya) search goals in an urgent timeframe and budget.

Many of us want to assume that we are such a clever C-type personality; and the truth is, even if you are currently A- or B-type, you can become a C-type personality and consciously choose how to deal with any situation, Rather than simply reacting, emotionally disordered or disconnected. A required course. Choosing to respond in a mature and productive way requires discipline, willingness and spiritual existence; but through practice, these personality skills can become a habit and your job life will be better.

To be a C-type personality, it is important to recognize the vicious circle of your behavior. In the case of job hunting under pressure, he seems to be entering a destructive cycle of emotional reactions. Then your emotions are triggered, and you become abused and dominant, or your emotions are closed, and simply refuse to invest in what is happening around you, learn to recognize, and indicate the beginning of these cycles. For example, some people start to lose sleep or drink too much coffee or alcohol. Some people turn in their own hands and stop communicating and socializing with others. Regardless of the early behavior that tells you that you are beginning a vicious circle of negative job search behaviors, you may notice these symptoms to prevent them from producing unproductive and counterproductive patterns of job hunting. . Before they take over.

But recognizing the early signs of these unhealthy behaviors is not enough. These behaviors are habits, just like all habits, if you don’t have to replace them, it’s hard to break them. Taking positive and productive job search behaviors rather than unhealthy behaviors, you will discover your vision of life, not just your work, will change. For example, if you are constantly awake during stress and are concerned about situations that are not under your control, you can get up from bed and apply for a job at any job you need to perform. For many people, writing can eliminate the power of problems, and once the details appear on paper, solutions often arise. Or, when the situation tends to make you lose your job, when you are looking for a good job, try to contact someone (job counselor or counselor, friend, your spouse or maybe a therapist) about his desire to put himself under pressure The job search is isolated. Again, just say what the problem is loudly, you can often delete it.

Most of his strength exceeded his emotions.

In order to succeed in a less stressful workplace, you must be willing to follow three C principles: commitment, trust and control. Through these three principles, you can build a framework through which you can make these conscious decisions work effectively.

Of course, this is not a small job search task. Everything must be done to generate a job offer for the chosen profession. You may need help. There are effective strategies to manage stress and maintain the peace of mind necessary to make the right decisions when looking for a job. For example, find a good stress management program that follows healthy eating habits, regular exercise and relaxation techniques.

For many of us, finding a job is a stressful situation. Make sure your decision is based on your commitment to getting the best job. By doing so, you can find more power and energy to complete job search, material development and job search letters, job interviews, reminders, follow-ups and other details. Treated professionally. The employer concludes that you are the kind of person you want to have in your business. In fact, you are this person now, or you will not read this article. So remember, there is no better way to get the job (job in pattaya), not exactly what you want.

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