Applying Eye Makeup

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When you see someone, the first thing you usually see is their eyes. That’s why it’s so important to maximize your eyes when you’re making up. The correct eye makeup with some cosmetic glitter will bring out your face. When you first apply eyeshadow, it’s hard to determine how to use it. You will want to know: how to combine it with equipment? Should it match the color of the eye? What color will I use? How can I mix?

Choose the right eye shadow color:

What you need to consider is the color of the eyes and the color of the skin.

Blue eyes: Purple and dark blue mixed black will bring out your eyes. These colors are great for creating a Smokey effect in the blue eye. To open blue eyes, gold, silver, and gray are good colors. If you want a more stylish look, use bright purple, fuchsia and cream peaches.

Green or brown eyes: Burning orange, brown, gold, black or dark brown for the Smokey effect. For a sleek look, use purple, yellow, orange or lime green. To open, use any cream gold and orange tones.

Brown eyes: Most colors go out, gilded bronze and copper will highlight the color of the eyes. Lighter colors, such as light pink, light green, and light blue, brighten and open your eyes. To create a trendy look, use cyan, deep pink, yellow, fuchsia, bright blue and bright purple.

Choose the right eye shadow:

There are many different types of eye shadows, some have texture, gloss, powder, powder and cream effects.

Liquid Eyeshadow: They give you a cleaner look and they are perfect for illuminating your eyes and opening them.

Cream Eye Shadows: They are difficult to mix, they help to block color, or you can add a little water as a liquid eyeliner. Don’t try to mix these colors too much, as they will make your eyes look blurry. The beauty of Cream Eyeshadow is that it brings you beautiful, vibrant colors. They are best to use a sponge or a finger.

Powder Eyeshadow: There are separate colors and a set of palettes. Powder eye shadow is ideal for implementing Smokey Eye effects because they combine very well. Always use a brush when using powder.

How to apply eyeshadow:

Primer – Primers are all makeup artists they should have now. The primers hold the eye and hold it for hours before applying the shadow. The primer is used as a moisturizer in the eyelid area and mixed with the eyes. You will find that most brands have them.

Makeup brushes: These are makeup artists you should have. A proper brush will help with the application and color combination.

Mixing: This is important if you want to create a smoke effect. The best way to mix is ​​to get 3 colors. Start with the lightest. Apply a primary color to the entire eye area and cover it until it reaches the eyebrows. Then apply your average color to the crease of the eye, starting from the outside and pointing to the nose, stopping the path. Then apply a darker color to the eyelids, starting from the inner corner and then going out. Do not apply a darker color to the pleats because it looks heavy.

Eyelashes and eyebrows.

Label: If you want to open your eyes, it’s important to always use your hair curler before using the mask. Very good technique for people with small eyes.

Mascara: Think about if you want to thicken your eyelashes or add a length, buy a good mascara with richness or thickening properties. It ultimately looks different. When making up your eyes, always work from the path to the outer edge. Tip Move the brush to the edge in a zigzag manner. This will ensure that the mask is applied evenly. Good black eye makeup with some cosmetic glitter will enhance and complement your eye shadow.

Eyebrows – Eyebrows complete the eyes. Use a good eyebrow brush and a good eyebrow pencil to complete your look. Shaping eyebrows is very important because it lifts your eyes and opens them. Use an eyebrow brush and comb from the inside to remove the cosmetic particles remaining on the forehead while shaping it.

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